Rioult Dance New York at Williams Center for the Arts

Wednesday / February 21, 2018 / 8 p.m.

Women on the Edge… Unsung Heroines of the Trojan War

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Exceptionally prescient, always electrifying, dance artist Pascal Rioult’s ever-expanding oeuvre has produced some of the most memorable works of the past 20 years, his Bolero among them. In Women on the Edge, Rioult confronts the Trojan War, defying a history habitually recounted through the exploits of men, by placing center stage the key figures most often pushed to the margin—Iphigenia, Helen, and Cassandra. In this triptych, stories of grace, strength, and resilience are rendered in a contemporary light against newly commissioned music by American composers Michael Torke, Aaron Kernis, and Richard Danielpour.

Program: Women on the Edge… Unsung Heroines of the Trojan War:
Iphigenia (2013), music by Michael Torke //
On Distant Shores… A Redemption Fantasy (2011), music by Aaron Kernis //
Cassandra’s Curse (2016), music by Richard Danielpour

Tickets: $25
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