Friends of the Williams Center, 2014–15

A Standing Ovation for Our Friends

Our world-class programming would not be possible without your generosity. Thank you for supporting the Performance Series at Lafayette College.

Christina Abruzzo
Joseph and Carol Abruzzo
Timothy and Liz Ackerly
Jeff and Helen Acopian
Alfred and Binnie Adler
Amy Ahart
Kenneth and Diane Ahl
Alan Alvarez
Rosemary Baker
Jeffrey Barbero
Martha Barnett
Susan Basow
Barbara Bailey Bauer
Susan Bauman
Lydia Beaumont
Robin Bergen
Bob Bergren
Ethan and Kyra Berkove
Hal and Allison Black
Janice Brody
Edward Brunswick
Mark Byrnes
Julia Campbell
Bob and Barbara Carman
Ann Carter
Alan Childs
Philip and Jeanette Cinelli
Robert and Ellie Conti
Tom and Marge Coughlin
Joseph Crobak
Oley and Marian Cunningham
Philip and Lori Cutrone
Fred Daniele
Bruce and Mary Dawson
Richard de Campo
Jeremy Deaner
Robert and Sally DeFuccio
Jim and Mandy Dicker
Tom DiGiovanni
Anna Doherty
Laneta Dorflinger
Taylor Dougherty
Olga Duhl
Helen Dungan
Gary and Jennifer Dunn
Robert and Brenda Egolf
Guy and Mary Elzey, Jr.
Frank and Marie Enea
Gary and BJ Evans
Alyssa Ferenz
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Ellis and Phyllis Finger
Jane Fleck
Don and Mibs Follett
Michael Follett
Rob Follett
Amale Gaffney
Gregory and Lauren Garbacz
Viktorija Gecyte
Nicola Gillies
David and Andrea Glasser
Glaxo Smith Kline Foundation
Sheila Goldberg
Eugenia Golden
Harvey and Mary Goldstein
Joseph and Rebecca Gough
Sean Gough

Mark Graham
John Gregorek
Lee T. Grifo
Myrna Gruenberg
Lothar and Wendy Gumberich
Janine Hackett
Katie Hamerslag
William and Amy Hardis
Shannon Hays
Richard and Linda Heintzelman
Jeffrey and Barbara Helm
Marie Helmold
Suzanne Helwig
Frank and Barbara Herting
Toni Hoffman
David and Anne Hogenboom
David and Reta Howell
Stuart and MaryLou Hutchison
John Jarboe
Herman and Ann Jarboe
Karen Johnson
Christopher A. Johnston
Kenneth and Rebecca Julian
Elizabeth Keil
Mark and Joyce Kelly
Bill Kemps
Rev. John Kinard
Bill and Priscilla Kirby
Michael Kiser
James and Donna Krivoski
Alfred and Elfriede Krug
Kevin LaBar
Katherine Lamsback
Paul and Jan Larson
Richard and Abbie Laskey
Arnie and Melissa Lichten
Daniel Lopresti
John and Joyce Losee
James and Syham Manns
Kimberly Marino
Nelson and Patricia Markley
Jim and Evelyn Martin
Ronald and Linda Martin
Richard and Lora Marzuoli
Courtney Matthews
Bonnie and Steven Mazer ’72
William Mazor
Patrick Mazur
Jeffrey and Kimberlee McCafferty
Jean McCauley
Bruce and Pat McCutcheon
Howard McGinn
Amy McHugh
John McPartland
Morris and Dot Metz
William Miles
Gary and Lynn Miller
Mark and Claudia Muller
Peter and Andrea Newman
Donald Nikles
Vivian Noblett
Robert Noreika
John O’Keefe
Carrie Havranek O’Keefe
Ian Owens
Stephen Parahus
Barbara Pearson
Daniel Ricken
Julie Phelan
Roger Phillips
Elizabeth Plum
James J. Raywood, Jr.
John Reynolds Robert and Carmen Riggs
Pete and Jean Riker
Ron and Bonnie Robbins
Douglas and Maureen Robinson
Zoe Roble
Dina Romani
Marvin and Janet Rosenthal
John and Ann Rossi
John and Betty Rossi, Jr.
Adam and Penny Roth
Darl M. Rush ’52
Emanuel Santa-Donato
T.J. Schick
Paul and June Schlueter
Michael Senra
Nathaniel Shatz
Bart and Diane Shaw
Alison Shipitofsky
Samuel and Christine Singer
Abigail Size
Ralph Slaght
Patricia Smiley
Charles Snyder
Robert and Mary Spragg
Diane Stanczak
John Stetz
Holly Stevens
Annette Stoody
Carl Stratton
Kelly Sullivan
Javad Tavakoli
Richard and Lisa Teets
Steven Thomas
Steven Thomas, Inc.
Barbara Thompson
Richard and Ellen Thompson
Holly Tomkovicz
Mark and Abby Trachtman
Salvatore Tralongo
Norman and Barbara Trapp
Carolynn Van Dyke
Drew and Judith Vargo
David and HelenBeth Vilcek
Susan Volpicella-Levy
Brooks and Annie Von Arx
Mary-Louise Wallendorf
George and Norine Watson, Jr.
Wellspring Advisors, LLC
Debbie Wesselmann
Marion Wildeman
Shaw Williams
Allison Ahart Williams
Jay and Sandy Wilpon
Philip and Joanne Wolfe
Marshall and Kay Wolff
James and Susan Woolley
Gordon and Marie Wright
Timothy and Nancy Wry
John and Barbara Yerger
Jim and Barbara Young
Elizabeth Ziehl