The Cashore Marionettes

Violinist Cashores 1111

Saturday / November 21, 2015 / 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Simple Gifts, 2 p.m.
Life in Motion, 8 p.m.

Click here to buy ticketsMaster puppeteer Joseph Cashore entrances audiences with astoundingly convincing creations, unmatched in artistry, grace, and refinement of movement. Through skillful design and virtuoso manipulation, the Cashore Marionettes come alive in scenes taken from everyday life that are humorous, poignant, and utterly fascinating. At 2 p.m. Simple Gifts offers a poetic meditation on what it is to be human, a delightful family entertainment set to music by Beethoven, Vivaldi, Strauss, and Copland. At 8 p.m. Life in Motion deepens the impact of Simple Gifts with additional vignettes of emotional gravity and insight. So well-conceived, the illusion so powerful, The Cashore Marionettes is a compelling, unforgettable theatrical experience.

We recommend the matinee of Simple Gifts for younger children. Both performances are open to all ages.

Tickets: $19 adults; $6 children 16 and under