Violinist and founder of the GRAMMY®-winning Harlem Quartet, Ilmar Gavilán, and pianist Aldo López-Gavilán, are virtuoso Afro-Cuban musicians who grew up as prodigies in the 1970s. As highlighted in an impactful PBS documentary Los Hermanos (screening at Landis Cinema 9.11.24), after being separated for decades as innocent victims of complicated U.S.-Cuba political conflicts, the two have finally been able to come together as mature musicians, fulfilling a dream to create and perform together their genre-defying music rooted in classical, Latin jazz, and Afro-Cuban traditions.

The James Bradley Memorial Fund Performance

Los Hermanos | The Brothers
9.11.24 | 7 PM | Landis Cinema, Buck Hall
Accompanying film presentation in conjunction with The Gavilán Brothers performance at the Williams Center for the Arts.